Vacation with children Spain

A very good option when looking for Vacation with children Spain is to spend a complete day at the Warner Park. This theme park is located in San Martin de la Vega -a town south of Madrid- , where the glamour of Hollywood and the Super Heroes inspired designs gather to offer the most complete amusement option for the whole family in central Spain.

The park is divided into five major areas over more than 150 hectares: Cartoon Village, Hollywood Boulevard, Old West Territory, Warner Bros. Studios and DC Super Heroes World.

Here you can bring your kids and enjoy this season of a fully renovated park which includes new attractions like the old  Mask Theatre (Teatro de la Máscara), now called Hollywood Theatre (which offers 3D films screenings like the last Yogi Bear film) and the main square or the Cartoon Village, which nowadays is the largest children’s playground Spain.

Another big reason to visit the Warner Park is the schedule of shows, including stunt shows and special effects in very first row, new shows in Gotham City main square, and a brand new musical adventure based on the legend of Sherwood Forest’s hero Robin Hood.

Besides having a great, quality time at the park attractions with your kids, at the Warner Park you can find a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops that are divided according to theme areas of the park, so you can have lunch in a Gotham City café, go shopping to Superman’s Metropolis and chill by a cartoon character in a green area by a roller coaster.

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