Beaches in Castellon

Speaking about the Spanish beaches, I’m sure anyone who knows the subject cannot fail to mention the beaches in Castellon. Well-known because of their fine sands, clear waters, quiet environments and special places to make new friends and above all a life and a movement that never sleep.

The beaches in Castellon show a number of possibilities for those who choose to spend a family vacation to the beach. Almost all alternatives have been created for fun, playing in the sand, watercraft rentals, surfing and other activities in which the water is the main protagonist.

Within the mentioned beaches in the Mediterranean and especially in the Valencian Community are Almenara Beach, considered one of the quietest beaches in Spain and of course the calmest of all beaches in Castellon, making it an ideal place if you are looking for meditation or organize your ideas. It’s a beach for children, because it has little depth and coves of fine sand, fundamental for the amusement of the smallest of the house.

Racó of Conil, who hears this name can´t imagine that it is one of the beaches of Castellón, which is characterized by been isolated, is one of the quietest beaches and exquisite surroundings, surrounded by mountains, is one of the most precious coastal environments in Spain. Just 3 km from the town of Benidorm is an ideal place for rest and for water sports like diving and spear fishing.

An ideal place for lovers of adrenaline, because it has incredible cliffs and coves, ideal to enjoy alone with your partner. Undoubtedly one of the most havenly of the beaches in Castellon. Each one of the beaches in Castellon offer to the tourist countless attractions to enjoy the sun and at the same time spend one of the most beautiful vacations in their lives.


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